Whether your family is growing and you need more room, you’re ready to add entertainment and recreation space, or your house is in need of major renovations to bring it up to date, we have the tools and knowledge to complete the job from concept to completion.

Our experienced team of construction experts and craftsmen can create the customized details you imagine for your home, making practical use of existing space and building additions that feel like they’re a natural part of your home.

As part of our commitment to giving clients the finest service and end product available, at Prime we are certified lead-safe contractors. When working in a home with existing lead we use the highest level of containment, ensuring the smallest possible environmental impact on our clients, their neighbors and the surrounding areas.

Our experience with eco-friendly building practices gives each client the option to create a home that is not only beautiful, but environmentally sustainable.

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Hear from one of our Arlington, MA homeowner clients: 

"Prime Building has done several projects for us including residing the house with long lasting shingles, rebuilding our screened in porch, and putting a new storm door on the front of the house. They also did a special project for us – building a composter with three storage bins. 

Every time we did a project we met with the project manager, Joe Gearhart.  We talked about our needs and Joe helped us shape a vision for what we hoped to accomplish.  Then he developed a detailed plan giving the scope of the work and what it would cost to do each part.  We then sat down and discussed what parts we wanted to do and what we wanted to pay for. 

Interestingly, on a couple of projects we ended up paying more than we originally thought because Joe helped us understand the actual magnitude of the project.  For example in redoing the screen porch he explained we would be wasting money if we didn’t shore up the beams and reframe the support structure. We actually did that work in one year and then Prime came back the next year to rebuild the posts and replace the screens.  The porch is really nice now. 

After we developed a plan and a budget we set a date, his crew of skilled workers came in, and the project began.  All of the work -carpentry painting, and electric - was skillfully done. 

Every morning we  met with Joe and his crew to discuss what would happen that day and review any changes that needed to be made.  Whenever you are working on an old house you discover things that need to be attended to that you could not see before the actual construction started.  

This is what we like most about having Prime as our contractor. We found ourselves working in a partnership and developing a collaborative process together. 

Regarding pricing we think you get what you pay for.  If you want excellence then what you are paying for is the right price! And Prime is all about excellence. 

For these reasons Pride Building are our go to guys! "

Peggy and Bill Gardiner


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